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Updated May 27, 2019

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We are currently working on the instructor lineup for 2019.

 Staff Instructors

Here is an initial list of instructors slated to teach at the 2019 Emerald City Hoedown.  Bios and pics to come, and more instructors still to be added!

Ari Leavitt (Seattle)
Jim Drew (Seattle)
Barb Buys (Seattle)
Jeffrey Howard (Portland)
Klint Kendrick (Milwaukee)
Michael Metzger (San Francisco)
Rob Ollander-Krane (San Francisco)
Scott Schrank (Atlanta)
Sheba Thone (Seattle)
Ingu Yun (San Francisco)
Carlton Thompson (Phoenix)
Phoenix Gray (Portland)
Sara Willis-Hilbrich (Washington DC)
Rick Dominguez ( Los Angeles)
Terry Felts (Seattle)
Lee Fox (Ft. Lauderdale)
Evamarie Gordon (Seattle)
Michael Sims (Washington DC)
DC Roleplay (Washington DC)
Dave Morrison (Seattle)


We regret that one of our announced instructors, Tea Rabbit-Masterman of Portland, passed away on April 20.  Our best wishes go to their family and friends, and to their club, Stomptown.

 Disk Jockeys

Kate BovitchKate Bovitch 

Kate Bovitch has been two-stepping for a a couple years.  Her interest in partner dancing started with East Coast Swing in a western-themed Irish pub on the island of Okinawa when she was in high school.  She DJs line dances for Rain Country a couple times a month.

Kate will be DJing TBD (TBD).

Jim DrewJim Drew 

Jim DJs for Rain Country at the Cuff Complex in Seattle, and has DJ’ed country at the Seattle Eagle, Swank (Kent), and Neighbours Nightclub as well.  Outside of Seattle, Jim has DJ’ed for Club Bolo and at the 1st World OutGames in Montréal, and at hoedowns in Virginia Beach, Tampa, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.

Jim will be DJingTBD (TBD).

Terry FeltsTerry Felts 

Terry Felts has been dancing for going on ten years now, having started at Timberline Spirits.  Once she started dancing, she was hooked!  Terry loves both line and couples dancing.  She has branched into teaching and DJing to share this fun and camaraderie with others.  She has also performed with the Rain City Rhythm Riders.  Mostly, she is proud to be a member and supporting cast of the Rain Country Dance Association.

Terry will be DJingTBD (TBD).

Keith GehrigKeith Gehrig 

Keith Gehrig began two-stepping and line dancing in Long Beach at Floyd’s in 1985.  He moved to the Northwest in 1987 and began dancing with DJ Jim Detwiler and teacher Maxcy Moon.  He helped open the original Timberline and started square dancing that same year.  During the ’90s, he got distracted by other things but returned when Timberline Spirits opened.  He started attending Cuff Country regularly to pick up the line dances he’d missed, he hasn’t left, and now he’s in the DJ booth, too.

Keith will be DJing TBD (TBD).

Shana GlennonShana Glennon 


Shana will be DJing TBD (TBD).

Jen LamkinsJen Lamkins 


Jen will be DJing TBD (TBD).

Ray NutterRay Nutter 

Ray Nutter started country dancing in San Diego (at the straight bars), but quickly landed at the Timberline when coming up (and coming out) to Seattle in the mid-90s.  He’s also a regular at Cuff Country on Friday nights.  Ray is the newest member of our DJ team, taking to it like a cowboy to his saddle!

Ray will be DJing TBD (TBD).


 Other Staff

Shana GlennonBootblack TBD 





 Hoedown Committee

namePete Winowitch 

Jim DrewJim Drew 


nameBarb Buys 

nameJen Lamkins 

Ray NutterRay Nutter 

Shana GlennonKen Sledge 

Shana GlennonBethany Block 

Shana GlennonRussell