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“Friend of Dorothy” Host Sponsor
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Updated March 1, 2020

Become a “Friend of Dorothy”

“Friend of Dorothy” Host Sponsors are people who give a little bit more money along with their registration, ensuring that the hoedown runs that much more smoothly.  Host sponsors get their name in the event program, on the website, and in event emails; receive a hoedown t-shirt (design is to the right; colors and design are approximate); and are invited to attend the Wizard’s Reception (VIP Social) on Friday evening, featuring a light meal and beverages.

NOTE: Being a Host Sponsor is not required to get a hoedown t-shirt.  You can buy a t-shirt separately on the next page.

TAX NOTE: Per IRS Publication 535, sponsorships are viewed as a charitable gift and are tax deductible, less the value of any tangible benefits received in connection with the sponsorship (such as physical items).  We thank you for your generous support!  Please consult your tax professional on further details for deductible contributions.  Rain Country Dance Association — a 501(c)(3) organization: EIN #26-1359919.


Our 2020 Friend of Dorothy Host Sponsors
Jason Anderson
Jean Anton
Michael Azcarraga
Marcella Benson-Quaziena
Bethany Block
Hilary Bolles
JD Brooks
Reuben Chong
Alan Chung
Sanjay Devdas
Edwin Goei
Evamarie Gordon
Donna Horn
Steve Karbelnig
Klint Kendrick
Martin Kooi
Vince Larkin
Warren Longmire
Jose Martinez
Candy McCullough
Jackson McKiee
Ain Milner
Ray Nutter
Rob Ollander-Krane
Sheila O’Rourke
Mike Phillips
Nikki Raeburn
Dirk Rapp
Marie Ribeiro
Sheila Schlicht
Neeraj Sharma
Ken Sledge
Heather Staines
Jack Su
Sheba Thone
Nickolas Tice
Robyn Trevitt
Croft Vaughn
Jan Villard
Alan Westley
Tom Yetman
Eiki Yoshikawa
Our 2020 Corporate Sponsors
Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing

If you still need to register for the hoedown, go to this page.

If you have already registered and wish to add a Host Sponsorship or purchase a t-shirt, go to Hoedown Merchandise.