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Updated July 1, 2020


We will have three workshop rooms for the weekend!   The Madison Ballroom on the 2nd floor will be used for larger couples workshops and the East Room on the 3rd floor will be usedfor smaller ones.   The South Room on the 3rd Floor will be the workshop room for line dances.

Evening Dances


The South room (3rd floor) will be open for our Trail-In Dance.

Friday & Saturday

Friday and Saturday nights, Madison Ballroom on the 2nd floor is where you will find all your favorite country couples dances: Two-Step, plus Waltz, some West Coast Swing, faster East Coast Swing, Shadow, Night Club, and maybe a Shuffle.  We will also have a smattering of the most popular line dances (just a few per hour; hit the Line Dance room for both your favorites and new challenges).

For Line Dancing, head to the South Room up on the 3rd floor, just a couple flights of stairs away.  There is a stairwell connecting the foyers on the two floors for easy access between them.   Some line dancing will also occur in the main ballroom, primarily popular floor-fillers.

For your West Coast Swing fix, head to the East Room on the 3rd floor.   Some West Coast Swing will also occur in the main ballroom, but you will get a wider variety of music genres and such here.   The East Room dancing will run later, than the other rooms, if the dancers and DJ are willing.


Sunday afternoon will have the Madison Ballroom split, the large portion for country couples dancing and the smaller one for line dancing.

Line Dance Room

The main ballroom will have some line dances played each night, primarily the most popular floor-fillers or dances that can do double duty as a good couples dance as well.  (Line dancers in the middle of the floor, please.)

For the hot new dances from the hoedown, or your favorite dances from the Rain Country repertoire or you own club, hit the dedicated Line Dance room.   Please ask our DJ for your favorite line dance — if we aren’t already familiar with it, we need the name of the dance, the name of the song, and the name of the artist in order to be sure we have the right music.

For those of you who want to pop between the Country Couples and Line Dance rooms, we will have computer displays showing what line dances have been played and are coming up next, so you can be there in time for your favorite.  You can also watch the line up on your smart phone.

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