Dining Options

Updated September 27, 2017

Maxwell’s, on the same floor as the Madison Ballroom, will be open for breakfast and lunch.  There will be breakfast, lunch, and dinner items available at the Lobby Bar on the hotel’s main floor.

There are also numerous dining options near the hotel, in Downtown, International District, and Capitol Hill.

Eye Openers: Light breakfast items and beverages available in the Hospitality Suite (room 2704) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morings starting at 8:00 am.

Dance workshop schedules will start at lunch time on Friday and after brunch Sunday, and will include a lunch break on Saturday.  A break for dinner will be scheduled between afternoon workshops and the evening dances.

Early evening Friday will feature the Wizard’s Reception/VIP Social, and will include a light meal (including vegetarian options).  The VIP Social is for our ”Friend of Dorothy“ host sponsors, plus our hoedown instructors, DJs, and other VIPs.

There will be a lunchtime Men’s Social on Saturday featuring a light lunch, and a post-workshops Women’s Social featuring beverages and appetizers (“wine and cheese”).

After Hours: We will have some light snacks and beverages available in the Hospitality Suite (room 2704).

Got Questions?  E-mail info@emeraldcityhoedown.com