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COVID Protocols
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Updated March 9, 2022

Proof of Vaccination

As of March 1, King Country is scheduled lift the requirement for businesses and events to verify proof of vaccination as a condition of entry, but they will permit individual businesses and events to continue to require that.  The Emerald City Hoedown has been encouraging proof of vaccination as part of the registration process.  We know that some of our attendees are not yet ready to participate in events without this COVID protocol in place, so we will continue to require proof of full vaccination for this year’s event.

“Full vaccination” means one shot of Johnson & Johnson or two shots of Moderna or Pfizer, or a combination thereof.   For Canadian attendees, Astra Zeneca is also in the mix.  Full vaccination must have occurred two weeks prior to the start of the hoedown, by March 10.

We will not be requiring COVID boosters shots, but we strongly encourage all attendees to be “triple vaxxed” as one of the easiest, most important things individuals can do to protect themselves and others.  For attendees from Washington, you can visit the Washington Vaccine Locator website to make lining up a booster shot appointment easier.

You are encouraged to submit an image of your vaccination card when you register, to speed up registration pick-up at the event, but you can opt to show the card or an image of it (or other online means of proof of vaccination) at registration instead.   Once you have picked up your registration packet, your Emerald City Hoedown badge will be treated as proof of vaccination for hoedown events.

Attendees who are not fully vaccinated or with falsified records will not be allowed to participate in Emerald City Hoedown events.  We do not make exceptions to this policy for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons.  We do not give refunds for anyone asked to leave the event.

Masking and Social Distancing

As of the end of February, Governor Jay Inslee has announced that the indoor mask mandate will be lifted on Saturday, March 12, a little less than two years from the start of Washington’s COVID lockdowns.

There will be no requirement for masking at the 2022 Emerald City Hoedown.  However, we recognize that just because the government allows us to congregate and dance unmasked, not every dancer is comfortable with that just yet, so some danc ers may elect to mask for all or part of the weekend.

If you personally wish to continue masking during the hoedown, please do so.  If you prefer to only dance with other masked people, please do so.  During workshops, if you prefer to dance with only a single masked partner and not rotate between partners, please do so.  Instructors will be encouraged to make sure that option is available and presented without shame.

If you are reluctant to physically engage with other attendees — hugs, handshakes, physical distancing, etc.  — that is fine.  Be clear with anyone you need to turn away, and be kind and gentle.  If someone declines to dance with you or physically engage with you (hugs, handshakes, physical distancing, etc.) due to their or your masking preferences, please respect their preferences.

Suggestion: Carry a mask with you and loop the bands on your wrist when you are not dancing.   This is a sign to others that you are happy to put on a mask in needed, so that they can dance with you.   (We will have a few extra masks at the registration desk for this purpose.   Please donate a buck or two to cover the cost.)

Stoplight Stickers

At registration, we will have stickers avaiable that you can apply to your badge to better communicate your comfort level and preferences for personal contact (whether that is with COVID protocols or in general) to other dancers, using a Stoplight System:
– Green = “I am fine with personal contact such as handshakes and hugs.”
– Yellow = “I am cautious about personal contact.  Please check with me before initiating anything.”
– Red = “I am reluctant to engage in personal contact at this time.  Unless I have specifcally given you permission, please refrain from any direct contact.”

Remember that you cannot always see someone’s sticker if you can't see their badge, so don't assume everyone is open to a particular level of personal contact until you have confirmed that.

Code of Conduct

All dancers at the Emerald City Hoedown are expected to abide by Rain Country’s Code of Conduct.  That includes not shaming or harassing someone else for their masking preferences, which also means not trying to convince them to change their behaviors regarding masks.  We are all family here, so be kind and gentle with one another.