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IAGLCWDC Dance Competition
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Updated September 2, 2018

The IAGLCWDC has recently revamped their competition model to focus more on the fun and impromptu "Just Dance" style of competition, lessening the need for pre-choreographed routines, extensive pre-event practice, and fancy costuming.   Couples dance competitions will be limited to just Two-Step, Waltz, and West Coast Swing, and there will be just two line dances for competition, well-known popular dances.  Team competitoons will remain relative unchanged.

The competitons will be split into two blocks, taking place in the main ballroom from 7:00–8:00 pm both Friday and Saturday nights.   Couples and Line competitions will be done one night, with Team competitions the other night.   Couples and Line winners will receive a cah prize based on the number of dancers competing, and Teams winner will receive a trophy.

Revised rules will be posted here soon.