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Updated February 29, 2016

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Current List of 2016 Friends of Dorothy
Lollipop Guild
Bethany Block
Reuben Chong
Alan Chung
Rosario Fernandes
Kevin Hill
Marek Kociolek
Spencer Lee
Jose Martinez
Devin McAlpine
Candy McCullough
Jackson McKiee
Patti Patteson
Mike Phillips
Justin Sawyers
Heather Staines
Zahava Sternberg
Jarek Trinh
Tom Yetman
Flying Monkeys
Marcella Benson-Quaziena
Hilary Bolles
Edwin Goei
Tony Labella
Scott Shrank
Ann-Marie Spiers
Jan Villard
Donna Horn
Klint Kendrick
Vince Larkin
Ray Nutter
Rob Ollander-Krane
Liza White


Weekend package and merchansdise online registration is now closed.  For weekend passes, single day passes, and idndividual events, please pay at Registration when you arrive.  Cash, check, and credit card accepted.  (Be sure to arrive a few minutes before the start time for any workshop you are interested in, in order to get registration taken care of.)

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