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Updated March 19, 2015

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 Spotlight Instructors

Rick DominguezRick Dominguez

Rick has been a country-western DJ for over 20 years.  He has taught and choreographed line dances for the past 19 years in the Los Angeles area, merging pop and country styles into a unique style of dance.  Rick is also the founder and lead choreographer for the award-winning line dance troupe, The LA Wranglers, now in its twelfth year.

Rick will be teaching the line dances “Big Big Bang” and “So Done” (Friday), “Uptown Slide” and a technique workshop on that dance (Saturday), and “She’s So Hot!” and “Blue Jeans On” (Sunday).

Sara HilbrichSara Willis-Hilbrich

Sara has been country-western dancing for almost two decades.  She currently teaches weekly west coast swing classes for the LGBT community in DC.   In 2009 & 2011 she won IAGLCWDC’s intermediate CW couples division.  She now competes in mainstream west coast swing events as both leader and follower.  She is a founding member of dcRolePlay swing team and loves to play on the dance floor!

Sara will be teaching West Coast Swing Anchoring (Friday), Connection Technique (Saturday), West Coast Swing (Saturday), and Progressive Two-Step (Sunday).


 Instructors and More

Todd AyotteTodd Ayotte

Todd is a founding member of Vancouver Timberline Dance Society.  In his role with Timberline, Todd co-hosts a weekly dance event, a monthly country social and a variety of special events including a country dance at the annual Whistler Pride and Ski Festival.  Drawing upon extensive experience in teaching group fitness (think 1990s, headbands, spandex), Todd is able to translate even the most complex dance moves in an accessible way for dancers of all levels.  He is known for his relaxed, fun and engaging teaching style.  Todd has been teaching line dancing for 5 years.  He has recently begun choreographing — although at this point mostly in the confines of his living room.  This is Todd’s first year teaching at the Emerald City Hoedown.

Rick will be teaching the line dance “Don’t” (Saturday).

Barb BuysBarb Buys


Barb will be teaching West Coast Swing (Friday).

nameJim Drew
(Couples, Line) 

Jim Drew has been dancing and teaching country-western for over 20 years.  He has performed with the San Jose Spurs, San Francisco Saddletramps, and Seattle’s Rain City Rhythm Riders, and he has taught at the Rawhide II, Timber/Timberline Spirits, and Cuff Country.  He teaches each year at the Emerald City Hoedown, Sundance Stompede, and the IAGLCWDC convention hoedown.  He competed in line dance at the World OutGames in Montreal and Copenhagen (where he won two gold medals).

Jim will be teaching “Queen of Memphis” and “Sick Of Me” (Saturday) and Two-Step (Sunday)

Terry FeltsTerry Felts

Terry Felts has been dancing for going on ten years now, having started at Timberline Spirits.  Once she started dancing, she was hooked!  Terry loves both line and couples dancing.  She has branched into teaching and DJing to share this fun and camaraderie with others.  She has also performed with the Rain City Rhythm Riders.  Mostly, she is proud to be a member and supporting cast of the Rain Country Dance Association.

Terry will be teaching Waltz (Saturday).


Klint KendrickKlint Kendrick

Klint Kendrick started country-western dancing almost nine years ago when a man mistook his cowboy hat for dance ability and dragged him onto the floor for a spin.  After taking several months to recover from that trauma, he found that others mistook the cowboy hat for dance ability and asked him to explain certain moves.  The ever-present cowboy hat has lulled enough Cuff Country regulars into a false sense of security, and Klint now gets a few chances a quarter to teach others that a cowboy hat and a smile can get them mistaken for experts, too.

Klint will be teaching a Basics Two-Step/technique workshop (Friday) and Two-Step (Saturday).

nameShannon Knauss

Bio goes here

Shannon will be teaching West Coast Swing (Sunday).

Hagan KoHagan Ko

Hagan started line dancing in 1995.  Over the years, he has medaled/placed at various IAGLCWDC and IGRA dance competitions in line dance, couples, and team.  He has also performed with the LA Wranglers and the Rain City Rhythm Riders.  In 2012, he received his Level I instructor certification with the National Teacher’s Association for Country Western Dancing.  In addition to teaching with Rain Country in Seattle, he has taught at Vancouver Timberline in Canada, the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco, and with Wine Country Line Dance in Marin county, California.  You can find him dancing at various line dance events around the country, missing restarts and forgetting tags!

Hagan will be teaching TBD line dance (Sunday).

nameMarek Kociolek

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, and graduated with a diploma in Dance from Grant MacEwan College, Marek has been teaching dance and movement since 1981.  He was introduced to line dancing via the Sundance Saloon in San Francisco and has been teaching line dancing since 2009.  He is pleased to be associated with the Vancouver Timberline Dance Society in Vancouver, Canada.

Marek will be teaching “Modern Romance” (Saturday) and “American Kids” and “Priscilla” (Sunday).

Hallie KuppermanHallie Kupperman
(Line, Couples) 

Hallie Kuperman has been teaching social dance since 1994.  She began teaching under the company name Swing Girls, which was dedicated to teaching “lesbian, gay, bi, and non-homophobic folks”.  From there, she opened the Century Ballroom in 1997 and hasn’t stopped dancing since.  Currently she teaches Salsa, West Coast Swing, and all of the Queer classes when they are offered.

Hallie will be teaching the classic line dance “The Madison” (Friday) and Waltz (Friday).

Ari LevittAri Levitt

Ari has been teaching and performing social dance nationally and internationally for over 25 years, including numerous workshops throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, as special guest instructor to Stanford University, as director of “Waltz Week in Vienna”, and as the innovator and director of “New Zealand Dance Adventure”.  As an instructor, he is well known for his clear, energetic, fun teaching style, for his detailed attention to connection and partnership, and for his ability to translate even the most complex dance moves into simple, understandable instructions.  In addition, he is highly regarded for his innovation and pioneering in the world of “fusion” dance — a form which borrows elements from one style and blends them fluidly into another, as well as for his work as a physician in the field of “experiential” wellness and dance therapy — using dance movement, balance, body awareness, and connection as a modality for diagnosing and treating individuals and couples.  You can learn more about Ari and see examples of night club two-step, waltz, swing, blues, fusion, and other dances on his website at www.rolluptherug.com.  Ari is very excited to be returning to Emerald City Hoedown for his third year where he looks forward to sharing his joy and love of dance with you.

Ari will be teaching Blues (Friday) and Night Club Two-Step (Friday).

nameNona Malki
(Israeli Dance) 

Nona began teaching Israeli Dance in 1984, for the Vancouver Israeli Folkdance Society (VIFS) as well as serving on their board of Executives, and to this day, she continues to teach and lead the programs of the VIFS and continues to serve on the board of Executives as the President, a position she has held for the past 20 years.  Nona has been invited to teach and lead workshops in many places — Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Philadelphia, Israel, and just recently, Australia.  Nona is a also a renowned Israeli Dance choreographer.  Her dances are danced in Israeli dance sessions all over the world.  Three of her couple dances were included in the “Israeli Top Ten Dances of the Year”, an annual event held in Israel, in 2008, 2012, and 2014.

Nona will be teaching Israeli Dance (Saturday).

Michael MetzgerMichael Metzger

Michael Metzger has been a passionate country-western dancer for nine years.   He quickly discovered a love of teaching line dances.  Since then he has been a featured instructor in Berlin, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, and in San Francisco at Sundance Saloon and Stompede.  His instructional YouTube videos have been viewed over 285,000 times worldwide.

Michael will be teaching the line dances “B to the ANG” (Saturday) and “Back It Up”and “Blow Me A Kiss” (Saturday).

nameRob Ollander-Krane

Rob grew up hating country music until one day a few years ago, he walked into a gay bar and saw a group of men doing the two-step.   Country music and two-stepping have been his obsession ever since… and he has the cowboy drag to prove it.  Rob joins us from San Francisco where he has been dancing at the Sundance Saloon every Thursday and Sunday evening for the last seven years.  Unlike some of our other instructors, Rob is not a professional dance instructor but he does teach at Sundance and Digs in Palm Springs.

Rob will be teaching Two-Step (Saturday) and Shadow (Saturday).

(Couples, Yoga) 

Ruin has been dancing since she was 6.  She started with ballet, transitioned to jazz, experimented with World dance in college, and finally made her career as a ballroom, latin, and swing dancer, traveling the country for performances and competitions.  Currently, she combines her skill as a ballroom dancer with her passion for burlesque.  Definitely not a wallflower, Ruin believes dance is a powerful medium for expression, growth, healing, and play.  She loves sharing her knowledge with others, in the hopes that they’ll walk in to her class with questions, and dance out with confidence and joy.   Ruin is also a yoga instructor.  She uses her experience with breath and movement to connect dancers to the music, to each other, and most importantly, to themselves.

Ruin will be teachingCha Cha (Saturday) and Yoga (Saturday).

Dave & Jimmi SerflingDave Serfling

Dave is a well known Country Dance Instructor.  His students are amazed at how patient he is and devoted to teaching “anyone’”how to dance.  He has been teaching dance classes all over the Puget Sound since 1988.  He enjoys teaching many types of dance besides Country, including Swing, Latin, Ballroom, Night Club, and Line Dancing.  He owns and operates The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn, where he teaches and is the regular DJ on Fridays .  Dave will be assisted by his wife, Jimmi Serfling.

Dave & Jimmi will be teaching Jitterbug Swing (Saturday) and Progressive Two-Step (Saturday)

nameBecca Bee & Beau King

Becca Be is the current (and first!) Washington State Bootblack.  She will be finishing her title year the weekend after the Emerald City Hoedown, and then competing for International Ms. Bootblack in San Jose, CA the second weekend of April.

nameBeau is Becca’s protegé and will be competing for Washington State Bootblack this year.

Becca and Beau will be bootblacking Friday and Saturday nights.


 Disk Jockeys

Kate BovitchKate Bovitch 

Kate Bovitch has been two-stepping for a a couple years.  Her interest in partner dancing started with East Coast Swing in a western-themed Irish pub on the island of Okinawa when she was in high school.  She DJs line dances for Rain Country a couple times a month.

Kate will be DJing Line Dancing (Friday).

Jim DrewJim Drew 

Jim DJs for Rain Country at the Cuff Complex in Seattle, and has DJ’ed country at the Seattle Eagle, Swank (Kent), and Neighbours Nightclub as well.  Outside of Seattle, Jim has DJ’ed for Club Bolo and at the 1st World OutGames in Montréal, and at hoedowns in Virginia Beach, Tampa, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.

Jim will be DJing Country Couples (Friday).

Terry FeltsTerry Felts 

Terry Felts has been dancing for going on ten years now, having started at Timberline Spirits.  Once she started dancing, she was hooked!  Terry loves both line and couples dancing.  She has branched into teaching and DJing to share this fun and camaraderie with others.  She has also performed with the Rain City Rhythm Riders.  Mostly, she is proud to be a member and supporting cast of the Rain Country Dance Association.

Terry will be DJing at Cuff Country (Friday) and West Coast Swing (Saturday).

Keith GehrigKeith Gehrig 

Keith Gehrig began two-stepping and line dancing in Long Beach at Floyd’s in 1985.  He moved to the Northwest in 1987 and began dancing with DJ Jim Detwiler and teacher Maxcy Moon.  He helped open the original Timberline and started square dancing that same year.  During the ’90s, he got distracted by other things but returned when Timberline Spirits opened.  He started attending Cuff Country regularly to pick up the line dances he’d missed, he hasn’t left, and now he’s in the DJ booth, too.

Keith will be DJing Line Dancing (Saturday).

Klint KendrickKlint Kendrick 

Klint has been DJing during Cuff Country Fridays for the past three years.  His goal is an evening of fun music with a bias toward tracks you might hear on the radio today, with a few solid classics mixed in.

Klint will be DJing West Coast Swing (Friday) and Country Couples (Saturday).

Ray NutterRay Nutter 

Ray Nutter started country dancing in San Diego (at the straight bars), but quickly landed at the Timberline when coming up (and coming out) to Seattle in the mid-90s.  He’s also a regular at Cuff Country on Friday nights.  Ray is the newest member of our DJ team, taking to it like a cowboy to his saddle!

Ray will be DJing Country Couples (Thursday) and Country Couples (Sunday).


 Hoedown Committee

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