Dance Rooms

Updated November 28, 2014

We will have two dance rooms each night, using the Courtyard Ballroom on the hotel’s lower level.

 Trail-In Dance (Century Ballroom’s West Hall)

On Thursday night (at Century Ballroom), the West Hall will be a mix of country couples and line dancing, very much our usualy Friday night Cuff Country mix.

 Country Couples (Courtyard Municipal & Superior)

Friday and Saturday nights, this is where you will find all your favorite country couples dances: Two-Steps, plus Waltz, West Coast Swing, faster East Coast Swing, Night Club, Shadow, and maybe a Shuffle.  We will also have a smattering of the most popular line dances (just a couple an hour; hit the Line Dance room for both your favorites and new challenges).  The Just Dance competition and an performances will also be held in the Country Couples ballroom.

On Friday and Saturday nights, we will lead off the dancing with an hour of West Coast Swing, featuring a wide range of music.

 Line Dancing (Courtyard Federal)

This room (the same one used for most of the line dance lessons during the day) will be outfitted with a 20x30 dance floor.

Rain Country has many line dances in our active repertoire, but there are bound to be favorites that you have.  Please drop us a line and ask us to have your favorite line dance available — we need the name of the dance, the name of the song, and the name of the artist in order to be sure we have the right music.

For those of you who want to pop between the Country Couples and Line Dance rooms, we will have computer displays (courtesy of Hagan Ko) showing what line dances have been played and are coming up next, so you can be there in time for your favorite. Watch the line up on your smart phone at

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