Dance Competition

Updated January 20, 2015

We plan to have a couple small “Just Dance” competitions at the hoedown.  This style of competition is intended to have no preset choreography, no fancy costumes, and not even a dance partner whom you have specifically practiced with — we encourage you to find a partner at the Hoedown!

Current plans are for “Just Dance” competitions in Two-Step and the line dance “Outlaw” on Friday night, and West Coast Swing and the line dance “Bad Romance” (choreographed by spotlight instructor Rick Dominguez) on Saturday.  Judges will be drawn from the hoedown teaching staff.

Competition registration will be done on-site at the hoedown.  Registration is $5 per person — $10 for a couple — and the winner in each competition gets half of the entry fees for that competition.  (So 10 couples = $100 entry fees = $50 for the winning couple to split.)

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