Dance Competition

Updated March 18, 2014

We plan to have a couple small “Just Dance” competitions at the hoedown.  This style of competition is intended to have no preset choreography, no fancy costumes, and not even a dance partner whom you have specifically practiced with — we encourage you to find a partner at the Hoedown!

Current plans are for “Just Dance” competitions in Two-Step, West Coast Swing, and a two line dances (Say Hey and Hello Stranger) — one couples dance and one line dance for each of Friday and Saturday.  Judges will be drawn from the hoedown teaching staff.

Competition registration will be done on-site at the hoedown.  Registration is $5 per person — $10 for a couple — and the winner in each competition gets half of the entry fees for that competition.  (So 10 couples = $100 entry fees = $50 for them winning couple to split.)

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