Single Event Pricing

Updated May 13, 2013.

To register for the entire weekend, go to this page.

To add a “Friend of Dorothy” Host Sponsorship to your registration, go to this page.

To register for the dance competition, go to this page.

For single day passes, indivudal workshops, and evening dances, please pay at Registration when you arrive.  Cash, check, and credit card accepted.  (Be sure to arrive a few minutes before the start time for any workshop you are interested in, in order to get registration taken care of.)

For late night swing and line dancing, please put your admission fee in the bin by the DJ.  Cash only for these events, thanks.


Friday–Sunday, May 23–27
Full Weekend $139


Thursday, May 23
Whale Watching Tour $75
Bus/Pizza/Dance $25
Pizza only $15
Bus/Dance (after 9:00, cash only) $15
Dance only $ 8


Friday, May 24
Individual Workshops $10
All Friday Workshops $30
“Welcome to Oz” Dance $25

(after 10:30 with Cuff wristband)

Friday Day Pass (Workshops + Dance) $50
Late Night Swing/Line Dance (cash only) $10


Saturday, May 25
Individual Workshops $10
All Saturday Workshops $40
IAGLCWDC Dance Competition Spectator $10
Emerald City Hoedown Ball $30
Exhibitions Spectator (8:00–9:00 pm) $10
Saturday Day Pass (Workshops + Competition + Dance) $70
Late Night Swing/Line Dance (cash only) $10


Sunday, May 26
Brunch & IAGLCDWC Meeting $35
Individual Workshops $10
All Sunday Workshops $15
City Landmarks Dance Tour

(Requires purchase of transit tickets during the tour)

“Click Your Heels” Dance $15
Sunday Day Pass (Workshops + Dance) $20
Late Night Swing/Line Dance (cash only) $10

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