Dance Teams and Other Performers

Updated May 23, 2013.

The IAGLCWDC conventions and GLBTQ hoedowns have a long tradition of featuring dance team exhibitions during the evening dances, ranging from the early days of the Southern Country South Florida Dream Team and the San Francisco Saddletramps to modern show stoppers like the Southern Line Atlanta and the Manhattan Prairie Dogs, plus a couple dozen other dance teams over the years.  We have also had solo and single couple exhibitions, country singers, and more.

Here are some of the things your need to plan on for the Emerald City Hoedown:

  • Dance Teams: If you are also competing in the Saturday afternoon competition, please perform a separate routine than you compete with.  (The overall team winner will be invited to re-present their winning routine during the Saturday evening dance.)
  • Unless other arrangements are made, each dance team or other dance performance is limited to a single exhibition slot of about 5 minutes, per night.  (We are happy to have you perform both Friday and Saturday nights, if you have multiple routines.)
  • Singers are limited to two songs per evening, during which open dancing will occur.  Please ensure that your songs are both country and suitable for dancing — we will be happy to let you know if a given song is good for dancing, or to select songs from a list you send us.
  • Bring copies of your music on CD (two copies is recommended, or one CD and a laptop or download location we can access to burn a spare if needed).
  • All entertainers must be registered for at least the evening dance they will perform at.
  • There will be a dressing room space available for you to change outfits in.
  • There will be a short practice slot assigned in the main ballroom between the end of workshops and the beginning of the evening dance.  There may be hoedown staff and perhaps members of other dance teams present in the room during your practice slot, but not the general public.
  • We will assign an approximate performance time by noon Saturday (probably before).  Please be ready at least 15 minutes prior to your assigned time.
  • All props (including anything thrown) must be removed from the dancer floor at the end of the routine.  No glitter or confetti — that may be a dancing hazard.

Online registration is now closed.  You may register in person at the event, starting at 7:00 am Friday, May 24.

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